Bathroom Designs: Remodelling and Renovation Tips

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Bathroom Designs: Remodelling and Renovation Tips

Are you thinking of giving those old bathroom designs a change for the better? Are you thinking of remodeling it into something swanky? And are you wondering about how to do that? Yes?

Oh well, then your’e at the right place! Here is a well researched list of all the things that you need to know before you give that bathroom a makeover. From different vanities available in the market to how to decide on the space to the bathroom faucets, here we have covered it all. What’s to wait now, let’s check it out!


1. First of all, you need to decide on a budget. Whatever faucets, bathtubs or showers you want, all of it revolves around your budget. So, arrange those bills, take a look on your bank account and then get on to the next  step.

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2. Once you have made up your mind on the budget, you need to figure out how much space you have to free up for the new bathroom designs. This will decide if it is going to be a big, small or a medium sized bathroom. Space is the prerequisite to anything that you want to install in your bathroom.

bathroom size (source –

3. Next, you need to choose on the kind of decor that you want to give your bathroom because there is a range of them – Modern, contemporary, kids, ancient, luxurious, etc. Let’s take you on a tour of them.


If you want to change your bathroom into something that is the future trend then go for it. In a futuristic bathroom, you’ll find everything to be very tech savvy. You can have motion sensors, LED lights, shower cubicles and all of that installed into the bathroom space. To go for a modern look, you need to keep it to a minimal. A shade of gray goes great in achieving that modern bathroom look. You can also keep a trendy vanity in it to enhance the whole theme. Or install a TV, if you wish!

futuristic bathroom ideas (source –


This is a regular bathroom design that goes with all sorts of interiors. You can go with some earthly shades for this bathroom as it suits the theme. Furthermore, this bathroom contains all the features of a good bathroom – it has a bathtub (if you want), a shower enclosure, a beautiful vanity, windows and everything else. It would be good if you have a large space to spare for a contemporary bathroom, but the same can be achieved in a smaller space too.

Contemporary Bathroom (source –

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