Coconut Carrot High Protein Muffins

Coconut Carrot High Protein Muffins

These high protein muffins are oil-free, contain over a cup of shredded carrots and get an extra boost of protein from mashed lentils.  The perfect high protein grab and go breakfast!

I wanted to take your average muffin recipe and give it a big boost of protein (without protein powder, because I don’t do protein powder).  This way, these high protein muffins have a whole lot more staying power.

These muffins are GREAT.  I am actually working on a few more variations of them now, because they are so tasty!

For this batch, I started with this lentil muffin recipe, took out the oil and half the sugar (thank you, applesauce and Greek yogurt!).

Then I added two shredded carrots…finely shred them if you can.  And I topped them with sweetened shredded coconut.  The sweetness from the coconut is really great with the applesauce/cinnamon/carrot thing that is happening.

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