Hash Brown Egg Bake

Hash Brown Egg Bake

It’s cheesy comfort food in the morning. My hash brown egg bake is the perfect casserole to feed a group of hungry mouths.

Eggs are cheap and easy to find at your local grocer. They also pack a punch in the protein department. A few bags of frozen hash brown potatoes and shredded cheddar cheese and voila, breakfast is served!

If purchasing plain hash brown potatoes, a little diced onion and red pepper would add great flavor. I chose a shortcut for this recipe and used O’Brien style hash browns which are loaded with peppers and onions.

It saved me one extra step preparing this recipe. After all I was making more than one casserole. These 30 hungry swimmers are big eaters.

Because there are a few vegetarians on the team I kept this casserole meat-free. But you could easily add crispy bacon bits or browned sausage to the recipe.

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