Vegetarian Zucchini Lasagna

Vegetarian Zucchini Lasagna

Having a good lasagna recipe under your belt means you’re really getting somewhere in the culinary world. And this the Best Lasagna Ever. Go on, shine.

I used to eat a lot of meat, and a lot of lasagna. And so I now have one thing to say – bollocks to the veggie haters, this is the best lasagna ever. Best. Lasagna. Ever.

Don’t believe me? That’s fine, taste is subjective anyway. But make your decision after you’ve tried it.

I will agree that lasagna needs a certain type of ‘meaty’ flavour, after all it was originally a meat dish. But that’s easily possible thanks to spelt grains or freekeh (very easy to find), which take on an amazing, smoky, deep flavour when cooked in stock. The pleasingly-chewy texture feels like the consistency of meat too, and is more than a replacement – it’s even better.

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