Sheet Pan Coconut Glazed Baked Cod

Sheet Pan Coconut Glazed Baked Cod

A paleo sheet pan meal of baked cod glazed with a delicious coconut sauce surrounded by roasted asparagus – gluten and dairy free.

I’m seriously LOVING creating one pan Monday recipes.  First, because I hate dishes.  Have I mentioned that before?  I’m not sure if I have.  Second, because it is a fun little challenge to get really delicious meals with only one dish.  Be sure to check the notes section of this recipe, there are some really important details to make your life easier!  At one point, when chopping the asparagus I suggested using the dish towel you used to dry them as a surface to cut the tough ends off because dishes are worse than laundry.  Your choice, if you want to get a cutting board out I won’t judge you, I promise.  Also, if you need some carbs with this meal I would throw a potato in the microwave or use pre-cooked brown rice/quinoa

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