New York Strip Steak Sandwiches

New York Strip Steak Sandwiches

Meaty, cheesy and full of flavor, my New York Strip Steak Sandwiches are my version of classic Philly cheesesteaks. Cheesy and meaty, these are the perfect grub on game day or any day of the year.

Similar to my French dip sandwiches, these sandiwches are ideal for a hungry appetite. Instead of roast beef from the deli I use New York strip steaks shaved from the butcher.

It’s simply a matter of asking them to shave the steak into thin slices that you can chop up easily when you get home. No need to freeze your steak to slice it up ahead of time.

I also picked up a red bell pepper, a package of baby bella mushrooms and a sweet Vidalia onion. A quick stop down the bread aisle for steak or hoagie rolls and I’m all set.

The big question when it comes to Philly cheesesteak sandwiches is what kind of cheese to put on top. There’s debate as to whether provolone or American cheese results in a better sandwich.  For that answer you’ll have to ask a loyal Philadelphian. The choice is really yours but my preference is provolone cheese.

The end result is delicious seared strips of steak, sautéed onions, mushrooms and sweet peppers and plenty of cheese on a crusty steak roll.

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