Slow Cooker Monkey Bread

Slow Cooker Monkey Bread

Slow Cooker Monkey Bread is much easier to make than you might think! Soft, fluffy pull-apart bread covered in gooey melted sugar is always a huge hit. This slow cooker version takes just over two hours to make and no proofing of the dough is needed. That happens in the slow cooker as the bread bakes. All you need to do is whip up the dough, portion it out, shape the portions into balls, roll the ball in melted butter and sugar, and bake in the slow cooker. Enjoy deliciously sticky monkey bread in a snap!

 I first experimented with baking in the slow cooker when I made slow cooker orange sweet rolls. They came out fabulous and the process was super simple. This has led me to try more baking in my slow cooker.

I have a tropical monkey bread here on the blog and it always gets rave reviews but the process is tedious. The dough needs to proof before baking and that can sometimes be time-consuming. But not today’s recipe!

Get the full recipe for Slow Cooker Monkey Bread at Baked by an Introvert.

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