Spicy Kerala Style Beef Curry Recipe

Spicy Kerala Style Beef Curry Recipe

Spicy Kerala Style Beef Curry is deliciously spicy and tempting. Beef Shappu curry or Thattukada style Beef curry is quite popular all over Kerala and is cooked with aromatic Masalas and spices to enhance the appeal.

Nadan Beef Curry / Spicy Kerala Beef Curry is a popular dish in Kerala, a flavorful, Spicy Beef Curry which pairs well with rice, Appams or Rotis. A classic Sunday dish in many homes, this is deliciously spicy and a much coveted dish in Toddy shops. The spiciness and the aroma of Masalas will get you hooked. In Thattukada or street food joints, this is in high demand with Parottas. Nadan Beef Curry is also popular in Kerala Toddy Shops (Beef Shappu Curry).

During our childhood, we had lovely family get – togethers almost every weekend; the kitchen would be the most happening place; with all hustle bustle, all the laughter, chit chat of my aunts, the cutlet making, the aromas emerging from the pressure cooker, and the elaborate spread. Beef Roast or Beef curry was always there along with Beef Cutlets/ Chicken Cutlets/ Fish Cutlets, Fish curry or Chicken fry / chicken curry and thoran, Moru curry, and crispies like Pavakka fry or Kovakkai fry. Sometimes there will be Kappa (Tapioca) or Chakka kuzhachathu (Jack fruit steamed). Tasty memories!! I am getting nostalgic again and how I wish everyone was together again like old times!!

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