Homemade Egg Puffs

Homemade Egg Puffs

This is a simple and easy to make Egg Puff recipe, which we can make at home from scratch. It is really wonderful to have oven fresh Puffs at home and Egg Puffs are an excellent snack for boosting the energy levels especially in kids, during an active summer.

Egg Puffs are a popular snack in Kerala. If you go to any bakery in the evening, the flavours from the freshly baked puffs are so enchanting and you end up gobbling those fresh puffs. Egg Puffs, Meat Puffs, Chicken Puffs, Veg. Puffs – all these varieties of Puffs are always in great demand. I have a foodie family, and Puffs used to be one of our favourite evening snacks during childhood. I still have nostalgic memories of buying hot Puffs and cream puff cones from this bakery called Best Bakers near our home in Ernakulam. Most of the time, when all the family members were present, the entire baked puffs available in that bakery would come home! 🙂

Egg Puffs are an excellent snack for kids. All summer, kids are active with games and swimming and so they need some energy boost. Snacks are what they enjoy most, so, Sausage rolls, samosas, pizzas, smoothies, shakes, garlic bread, croquettes, cutlets the wish list goes on.. I always make the Puff pastry sheets in advance and stock so I could make some quick snacks for kids. Check out how to make puff pastries at home. And just follow these simple steps to make these wonderfully delicious Egg Puffs at home from scratch. Enjoy!

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