Raspberry Chocolate Chip Bars

Raspberry Chocolate Chip Bars

These Raspberry Chocolate Chip Bars feature a buttery, shortbread-like crust with dollops of raspberry jam, a fudgy chocolate layer, and chocolate chips. Simple ingredients come together into something spectacular and refreshingly easy.

I spent January on massive spring cleaning binge, and I discovered a really old Nestle cookbook in my kitchen. It was ancient, so I thought the recipes might be outdated. Worse, the book had virtually no pictures. I didn’t know what anything looked like. Who wants to experiment with recipes where you can’t see a finished product?

Still, these Raspberry Chocolate Chip Bars caught my attention. I scanned through the recipe, and the ingredients looked simple, the instructions were simple, and the flavors sounded divine. This recipe is a diamond in the rough of that crappy, imageless cookbook.

Raspberry and chocolate together have such a romantic and enticing vibe, and so I’m always attracted to recipes featuring that combo in the first place, but these bars also start with a buttery, brown sugar, shortbread-like crust, and are topped with little crumbles of the crust on top.

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