Chicken baked with pumpkin and potatoes

Chicken baked with pumpkin and potatoes

By the example of this recipe I am going to show you how appetizing at first glance a travial dish – chicken baked with pumpkin and potatoes in the oven may look. The originality of the recipe is in the potatoes, which are baked in their jackets and in a spicy pumpkin added to the basic ingredients. The highlight of the dish is also flavored sweet-and-salty marinade, seasoned with a great set of spices.


1. The potatoes for baking should be of a small or medium sizes, so that the root crops will be baked inside better and faster. Put the potatoes into water for a few minutes, after that it will be easier to remove the dirt, then scrub them with a brush, rinse under running water and dry with a towel.

2. Then scrape the peel of the potatoes with a fork on all sides, cut them into two or four parts, depending on the size of the potato ball.

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