Slow Cooked Beef Caesar Salad

Slow Cooked Beef Caesar Salad

Your crockpot makes this Beef Caesar Salad a breeze to make on busy nights. Flavorful, slow cooked beef is served on a bed of healthy greens. This is a super easy, versatile weeknight dinner!

If you are looking at this recipe thinking I’ve gone a little cuckoo, just hear me out. I know putting pot roast on a salad might sound a little odd, but think of taco salad or fajita salad with beef. That doesn’t sound weird, right? Ain’t nothing wrong with beef on a salad! This beef is slow cooked with caesar dressing, and the salad is drizzled with more caesar dressing, so it is very flavorful and satisfying.

This meal is especially good for a family dinner on busy nights. Start the meat in the morning before work and school, then come home, shred the meat, and serve it up to everyone’s liking. I love when the slow cooker does all the work for me.

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