Basil Pesto Chicken Pasta Bake

Basil Pesto Chicken Pasta Bake

This crazy delicious Basil Pesto Chicken Pasta Bake is guaranteed to become your new favorite. Perfect for a weeknight dinner when you want to relax and forget all your problems!

There is nothing better than a smell of fresh basil. At least for me. This green leafy plant has such a distinctive flavor making it to stand out from other herbs.
Oh and it’s so versatile! You can add them to your dishes just as they are or, for example, make a fragrant pesto sauce.
If you have some homemade or store-bought pesto on hand, I highly recommend you to try this Basil Pesto Pasta Chicken Bake. It’s super easy and quick to make and it’s crazy delicious. Only 45 minutes and you have a fantastic dinner on your table. Try it!

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