Poori Bhaji

Poori Bhaji 


Poori Bhaji is a regular breakfast item at my home. Everybody loves the fluffy Pooris and the Bhaji.  Bhaji is just mildly flavoured mashed potato which goes well with fried Pooris.

It is a very popular breakfast item in India and you get different style Bhaji depending on the region. In North, they prefer gravy style Bhaji and in south the dry style. I usually make dry Bhaji as my kids love that version. You may find my Bhaji little different as I add carrots, but it tastes awesome. Must try. Kids love variety breakfast, so, I try to make it interesting for them. With the Dosa batter, I make them Pizza Dosa. Irachi Puttu instead of plain Puttu and Kadala curry, Chole Bhature, Aloo Paratha etc. are all well received at home.

I prefer soft fluffy pooris to crispy ones so I don’t usually add Rava/ Sooji to the mix, but make it with Wheat flour. If you like crispy Pooris just substitute a quarter of flour with Rava. I have a Roti maker which I had bought earlier but was never successful in making rotis, I used it to flatten my poori and it gave me awesome results. The hot press gave the best shape and also it stopped the Pooris from sticking together. So it made my job easier, or just imagine how hard it is to make 40-50 Pooris early morning for my little Army. So if you have a Roti maker use it or try Poori press. Follow the instructions to get soft fluffy pooris! Enjoy!

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