Building A Beginner’s Toolbox

Building A Beginner’s Toolbox

Despite the shift away from physical work in not only our careers, but our lifestyles – there’s always a reason to own the right tools for plenty of different issues. What’s more, there might be a growing gap in the knowledge of the modern person about just how to use tools.  The lack of knowledge always brings fear and can put many off from stocking up on tools, meaning that if home maintenance is needed – the person without tools might be caught short.

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If tools and DIY isn’t your thing, don’t be afraid – we’ll break down some of the reasons why you might need tools and which tools to get to start a basic toolbox for your home, no matter if it is for your hobbies, work or just so you’re able to fix issues in your home.

To get started with a toolbox and to ensure you have all the tools you’re going to need – you need to amass the tools! Buying them all at once is a bad idea, but waiting until a problem arises and finding out that the tool you need is out of stock is also terrible idea. While buying the initial tools on mass is going to cause your wallet some damage, it’s worth buying the basics right away.

Consider purchasing a hammer, a set of screwdrivers and a wrench to start you off as well as a ladder. This basic set can solve some issues and of course, are handy to keep around. It’s worth bolstering this collection with anything that will need for a specialized purpose. Remember when we talked about getting caught out by a problem? Look around your household for an issue that isn’t critical, but could do with a bit of care and consider what extra tools you might need to fix it. If it’s cleaning out your gutters, then you are going to need a taller ladder! With each new project, you can get a new tool and build the collection you need.

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Also, it’s worth investing in quality. If you need a plasma cutter for some heavy renovations, invest in the best plasma cutter. That goes for every tool. If you need a hammer, buy the best hammer! Cheaper tools are likely to break and will waste you money in the long run.

There are some tools that come with limited uses. Floor sanders, pressure washers, larger steam cleaners, for example. In some instances, it might be better to rent the equipment for a one time use – in others; it is likely better to buy it if it is going to see a fair bit of usage. It’s up to you to judge what is best in that situation.

We’ve covered the obvious tools. Everyone knows, or should know, that houses need hammers, wrenches, and screwdrivers. However, there are plenty of smaller items that are often looked over. Most of these are quite cheap as well, meaning you can get a lot of bang for your buck right from the get go.

Sinks clog up a lot thanks to debris and hair, and while are there are plenty of DIY solutions it pays to have something on hand that can solve the issues. Drain snakes are long and carefully designed pieces of pliable plastic that can reach down drains and unclog them by hooking onto anything that is causing a blockage. These are super cheap, usually, so it’s worth storing a few under your sink.

Putty acts as a stronger version of blu-tac and is a great all-rounder for house issues. If cords are snapping and ornaments breaking, some strong putty can fix it in a flash. It’s cheap – as well.

Some good all-round tools that should make up your toolbox include tape measures, buckets and extension cords. Good extension cords should be durable and long while allowing you to access electricity for power tools anywhere in your household. Buckets now come in collapsible designs and are good for surface cleaning and drainage. Tape measures work for a lot of different issues – but get a hardy industrial version that can survive a few drops. It’s also worth considering your environment. Have you ever been snowed in before? Then get a shovel! This information gives context to your decisions and having the tools on hand for obvious issues will help you out.

There are plenty of issues that can affect our homes and there’s a tool for every job – but if you don’t have the tools needed to start fixing things, you need to get that, well, fixed!


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