Healthy Mu Shu Shrimp

Healthy Mu Shu Shrimp

Need dinner in less than 15 minutes?  This Mu Shu Shrimp dish is ready in less than 15 minutes, is gluten free, healthy and low carb!

Welcome to your one-stop shop, Monday motivation, and one pan meal!  Okay, technically this isn’t entirely a one pan meal because you have to mix the sauce up quick in something.  My suggestion is to use a dishwasher-safe bowl to mix the sauce up, or mason jar, and then you still only have to wash ONE dish.  I’m always thinking of you!   Full disclosure, this recipe was posted back in 2014 that severely needed updating, boy was it worth it!

As mentioned on Friday, I angered my shoulder again.  That meant taking the weekend off from exercise, which for me, means extra work at trying to keep my happy pants on.  Nothing makes me happier than a great workout and nothing makes me more agitated than a lack of movement.  I feel like Nala, kind of possessed with more energy than I know what to do with.  I try to redirect it into work, but eventually, I get bored.  There is only so long you can stare at a computer screen before you can’t anymore, even if you love what you do, which I do.

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