Russian-Style Imitation Crab Salad

Russian-Style Imitation Crab Salad

It’s definitely not your ordinary crab meat salad. Try this Russian version with corn, rice, cucumber, and eggs!

I can’t understand people who don’t like imitation crab meat. I mean, it’s freaking awesome. Of course it doesn’t taste like real crab but who said it should?

Imitation crab meat is cheap, accessible, really delicious, and the texture is something special!
Check out this Russian-style imitation crab meat salad packed with corn, eggs, cucumber, and rice. It’s definitely not your ordinary crab meat salad but it’s crazy delicious. I would even say that it’s definitely the best surimi salad I have ever tried.

Try this one and you will be pleasantly surprised. I can guarantee that. Come back to thank me later!

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