Baked Curry Chicken Wings with Mango Chutney

Baked Curry Chicken Wings 

Guys, homemade chicken wings are so delicious. These tender chicken wings are marinated in mango chutney marinade and baked to perfection! Did I mention they are great for home entertaining? 

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Now these curry chicken wings are one of those recipes that you can prep ahead and the prep takes 5 minutes! Isn’t it great?

This recipe serves about 4 – 5 people (depending on how hungry they are) but can easily be doubled or halved. Just make sure the chicken wings have enough space between each other on baking tray.

For best results leave chicken wings marinating for several hours (or overnight).

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If you are looking for something for the grill, has a post with everything you need to know about making grilled chicken wings.

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