Chocolate Bread

Chocolate Bread

Recipe for homemade bread filled with Chocolate. Nom, nom ..

So who says bread has to be all about toast at breakfast and sandwiches at lunch time? Who says we can’t make it dessert? Not me, that’s for sure. With dessert being my favourite meal of the week  day, I thought why not try to make a sweet loaf of bread. It’s certainly not a new thing – think hot cross buns, fruit bread, brioche, finger buns and many, many more but I haven’t really delved into making a sweet bread before. Until now.

And I thought I’d go all out and throw in a whole load of chocolate, because, well why not? I mean CHOCOLATE. Enough said.

So this Chocolate Bread is similar to a Chocolate Babka. I don’t know enough about Babka to claim that this is it, so I decided to stick to Chocolate Bread. I used the same easy to make, soft bread recipe that I used for this Chiko Roll Pull Apart Bread because, well firstly it’s easy but secondly it has proven itself to be a good recipe for shaping. This time round I did a braid and then shaped it into a wreath. A big, gorgeous chocolate bread wreath.

The chocolate filling is a fudge sauce that I used from a babka recipe here, then it’s covered in a  chocolate chip streusel topping.

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