Buttery Sultana Cookies

Buttery Sultana Cookies

These are just plain yummy. They are supremely buttery with perfect sweetness. Golden and crisp on the edges but chewy in the middle.

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I’m sure, nostalgia plays a huge part in my love for these cookies. The memories growing up of having relatives visit from a long way away and this was the gift they would always bring. And the times we only got one pack, and knew with one look that we would need to cherish that pack.

In my research, I came across the idea to add glucose. I’ve never added it to cookies before but it’s suggested that it makes for cookies that stay fresher and softer for longer. The recipe works so the glucose is staying in. You can find liquid glucose in the baking aisle of the supermarket here in Oz but if you can’t get access to it, I feel light corn syrup would do the trick. They are interchangeable in anything else I’ve made that calls for one or the other.

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