Mediterranean Brussels Sprouts (15 minutes)

Mediterranean Brussels Sprouts (15 minutes)

This Mediterranean Brussels sprouts side dish is easy and delicious. Briny olives, sweet tomatoes and tangy feta bring the fresh Brussels sprouts to life! And only 15 minutes to make!

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As you may have guess I like Brussels sprouts. I have quite a few recipes on the blog. The other day I was staring a huge jar of Kalamata olives in my fridge (from Costco of course) and decided to make this Mediterranean Brussels sprouts side dish for dinner. I love how the briny olives and the sweet sun dried tomatoes complement the fresh, earthy Brussels. I could have eaten this as a main dish but I served it as a side and it was delicious. The only thing that was missing was some pine nuts but I had some slivered almonds on hand they worked perfectly!

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