The Lesser-Known But Equally Brilliant Benefits Of Exercise

The Lesser-Known But Equally Brilliant Benefits Of Exercise

If somebody asked you about the benefits of exercise, what would your first reaction be? Many of us associate working out with losing weight and building muscle. But there are so many advantages of being active. Exercise is not just important when it comes to the scale. It’s also essential for keeping your body and mind in excellent working order. If you’re new to exercise or you’re on a health drive, here are some of the lesser-known, but equally brilliant benefits of moving more.

Happiness and wellbeing

We often focus on the physical health benefits when we exercise. However, there are few things in life that are more beneficial for mental health than being active. Exercise can help you to channel and control your emotions, it can enable you to clear your mind, and it also boosts your mood. Studies show that when you’re moving, your serotonin levels increase and your body releases endorphins. These chemicals are more affectionately known as happy hormones. If you’re stressed out, you’re feeling anxious, or you’ve had a really tough day at the office, head to the gym, take a boxing class, or go for a brisk walk.

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Strong, healthy bones

When you talk about exercise, it’s easy to focus on muscle strength and definition. But working out is also really important for bone health. Just as exercising builds healthy, strong muscles, it also strengthens your bones and reduces the risk of injury. If you’re at risk of conditions such as osteoporosis, you may be advised to do specific exercises, which are designed to increase bone strength. Examples include weight-bearing exercises and resistance training. If you do have low bone density, ask your doctor for advice before starting an exercise regime. It may also be beneficial to learn more about supplements that you could add to your diet. You’ll find articles like Algaecal reviews and testimonials, for example, online. If you’re keen to get the most of your workouts, try training with a personal trainer. They can devise a program, which aims to improve muscle and bone strength.

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Brain power

Moving around doesn’t just create powerful muscles. It also boosts your brainpower. Studies suggest that working out on a regular basis helps to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. This is linked to the actions of a form of protein known as BDNF, which encourages the formation of new brain cells. When you exercise, blood flow to the brain increases, creating new blood vessels and new neurons. A study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Research suggested that just 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week can significantly improve your memory.

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Most of us know that working out lowers our blood pressure, keeps our heart healthy and makes us stronger. But did you know that being active can also be incredibly beneficial for your brain and your bones? Next time you’re struggling to find the motivation to go for a jog or take a spin class, think about how brilliant you’ll feel afterwards, and all the wonderful benefits your workout will provide.

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