Cheesy Garlic Crescent Rolls Recipe

Cheesy Garlic Crescent Rolls Recipe

Crescent Rolls, perfectly soft, homemade, warm, cheesy Garlic Crescent Rolls is the recipe for the day. It is a perfect snack for birthday parties and an absolute favorite of kids.  Fresh and warm from the oven, it is so inviting and gets over within no time!!

Like my stuffed Garlic Bread, Vegetable Pizza and Sausage Dinner rolls, this is another fantastic, tried and tested recipe that you can trust!

These Crescent rolls have the added goodness of cheese and garlic and is very appealing. The freshly baked smell of crescent rolls will tantalize your senses in every delicious way. The next best thing is that it is quite simple and easy to prepare and requires only simple ingredients. You can involve kids while baking these rolls; just ask them to do the filling, brushing parts and you will have some very enthusiastic assistants. I always allow my kids to fill the toppings for Pizza and that way you will finish your work faster.

You can make it plain as well. But the cheesy garlicky filling takes it to another level. Yum! It is just irresistible! Sorry to spoil your carb free diet, if any, but I can’t resist sharing this fantastic recipe with you all. It is okay to indulge once in a while, especially when it is sinfully tempting soft, warm crescent rolls! Get the ingredients and we will start straight away!

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