Clementine Prosecco Cocktail

Clementine Prosecco Cocktail

Celebrate winter’s citrus season with a sweet bubbly cocktail that is light and refreshing – my clementine Prosecco spritzer.

We go through a lot of citrus in the winter months. I can’t eat enough ruby red grapefruit or syrupy sweet clementines. These small Mandarin oranges are easy to just peel and pop in your mouth. They are bursting with citrusy sweetness.

I like to pair bubbly Prosecco and elderflower liqueur with the fresh squeezed juice from a Clementine orange to make a simple yet tasty cocktail.

While I was making this recipe I discovered I was missing some of the ingredients. I swear I just cut a clementine so I could juice it.

Someone in my house is been naughty! I can’t leave anything on the counter. Indy is the latest addition to our household. He is the sweetest golden retriever puppy but he is ornery and loves food. Did I mention he LOVES food!

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