Sheet Pan Hummus Chicken

Sheet Pan Hummus Chicken

Sheet Pan Hummus Chicken & Roasted Green Beans a fast, hands-off meal so you can finish up your day without the stress of cooking!

Happy One Pan Motivation Monday!  So this weekend I listened to an AWESOME podcast which really got me thinking about so many things.  In this podcast Tony Robbins was the guest speaker, I thought I’d turn it off pretty quickly because in general he kind of irritates me.  This time, though, he sucked me in and I was all ears.  The part that was particularly interesting to me was when he was talking about stress.  What are the reasons that you get stressed?  Something doesn’t go your way, someone, maybe yourself or someone else failed to do something and there is a cost. That cost can only relate to one of three things:  lost, less, never.  You perceive you have lost something, you have less of something, or you will never obtain something.  Could be money, credibility, your reputation, or a million other things.

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