Going Somewhere Exotic? Think About Your Health!

Going Somewhere Exotic? Think About Your Health!

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What’s the first thing that pops into your head when someone mentions travelling? For most people, it’s the sun or the sand or the sea. For others, it’s the idea of community and meeting new people. There are even those that want to experience a new culture while having a wild time. Whatever you imagine when you think of travelling, health doesn’t appear high on the list. In fact, there are plenty of people that take the risk and leave without any safeguards whatsoever. You might think they are brave, but in reality, they are stupid.

Nothing is boring about maintaining your health while you are away. Everyone wants to come back in one piece. To do that, you need to understand how to negate the most common health risks. The good news is that you can if you continue reading.

Get Vaccinations

The best way to protect your health is to get an immunisation. As the name suggests, a jab will stop any threatening diseases or illnesses from causing you harm. As long as the vaccination works, your body should build up a natural defence. What every traveller must do before they jump on a plane is figure out what shots are necessary. For example, there is no need to pay for a yellow fever jab if you’re going to India. The same applies to Chile, too. Some countries don’t have certain diseases, whereas others do. There is no way to know which illnesses exist unless you do the research. A visit to the doctors or to see the nurse is one way to make sure you get all the jabs you require.

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Take A Prescription

A disease like malaria doesn’t have a one-off vaccine. Instead, you need to take tablets on a daily basis for a four to six-week cycle. Getting hold of malaria pills while you are away might be hard work. Plus, you could need to start the cycle before you land in the country. One option is to file for a prescription, one that’s big enough to last the duration of your trip. Yes, this sort of treatment is expensive, but there are ways to cut the costs. Anyone that’s interested can learn about it here if they wish. The important thing to remember is that you take enough pills for the beginning, the middle and the end of the trip.

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Use Protection

It’s not nice talking about your sex life to a stranger. But, it’s something you have to consider as you’re an adult. The experienced travellers reading this blog will know that the libido doesn’t stop just because you’re abroad. If anything, it ramps up a little. So, sex becomes a big part of life, just like it would at home. What is vital is that you don’t get lazy. Men and women both have a responsibility to make sure that they are healthy. That means wearing condoms even if you use other forms of contraception. Some STIs can occur when you take all the necessary precautions, so it’s a good idea to be vigilant. When you are abroad, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Avoid Mosquitoes

Not to play the blame game, but mosquitoes are the primary culprits when it comes to spreading diseases. Some of the nastiest illnesses are carried by ‘quitoes, from dengue fever to malaria and yellow fever. Although there are vaccinations, the best course of action is to avoid them like the plague. If you can stop the bites, you can lower the chances of contracting a disease by a huge margin. With that in mind, stock up on sprays and creams that keep them at bay. Also, don’t dismiss incense and candles. Lots of countries burn candles to ward away mosquitoes, and they have to deal with them every day. A good option is to use a variety of sprays and candles to cover every base.

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Drink Bottled Water

What is the most common ailment of any traveller? It’s diarrhoea. Yes, the dirty, nasty stomach bug that turns a usually pleasant trip to the bathroom sour. The bad news is that diarrhoea isn’t easy to avoid because it is a bacterial and viral disorder. The bacteria can occur anywhere, and you can’t stop it because you can’t see it. Don’t worry, though, because there is good news too. The good news is that the majority of people suffer from a tummy bug because of unclean water. In fact, the water doesn’t have to be unclean; it can just be different. Anyone that wants to avoid several trips to the loo, then, needs an uncontaminated source of water. Wherever you are, most stores sell fresh water in bottles. A word of warning: watch out for scams. Tricksters will fill up empty bottles with tap water and sell it to make money.

Buy Insurance

The worst thing a traveller can do is forget to invest in an insurance policy. Individual countries aren’t like your home nation. As a result, you might have to pay for healthcare. Paying for healthcare is something which tends to catch UK citizens out a lot because they have the NHS. Still, the British aren’t the only group to suffer. Travellers, in general, get caught out on a daily basis. There are horror stories of people having to stay in a country as they can’t afford the bill. And, the government won’t step in to help because it’s your duty. Before you go, think about what you need from a policy. Are you planning on going somewhere remote like the jungle? If you are, transportation costs need to be higher than normal. That’s because the cost of getting you to a hospital will be more expensive. Anyone that isn’t sure can always ask their doctor for help. Or, you can go online and use a comparison website. Whatever you choose, make sure you have some form of policy.

Travelling is about partying and meeting new people and having great experiences. But, it’s also about staying safe. There is one sure-fire way to ruin the experience of a lifetime: illnesses.

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