The Health Aspects You Forget To Check

The Health Aspects You Forget To Check

We’re bombarded with information every day about the ways in which we should be living healthy or what we should be avoiding in order to remain healthy. It can become all too overwhelming, and most of the time a self-diagnosis leads to ridiculous conclusions about diseases or illnesses we definitely don’t have. Often, using Google as our guide, we end up mistaking a common cold for a fatal virus or heartburn for a serious medical condition. It’s always best to suck it up, go to the doctor, and put your mind at rest.

Of course, there are elements of our health which we should be checking at home, but these involve aspects of our daily life which help keep us well-maintained, rather than immediate medical emergencies. If you’re wondering which elements of your health you might be neglecting or health aspects which you simply didn’t realise you should be checking, then here’s a list of things you should keep an eye on to ensure your body continues to tick over.

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Sitting or standing?

Both and neither. Don’t close the article just yet; I’m not trying to confuse you. The point is that you shouldn’t be sitting or standing for long periods of time. Neither is good in excess. Much like all elements of a healthy life, the key is moderation, balance and variety. Filling your day with a healthy fifty-fifty split between sitting, relaxing or working and exercising on your feet is the ideal optimum. If your day requires you to sit at a desk for hours on end, you should ensure that you squeeze walking or jog into your breaks and perhaps after the end of the work day. Alternatively, if your day requires a lot of standing, you should ensure that you periodically give your feet a break throughout the day.

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Our sense of sound is one of the most important elements of survival but also of simply enjoying day-to-day life. Looking after your ears is important, though many of us damage them on the daily with loud music or simply the noise of a bustling city around us, which isn’t always something we can control. Whilst it may be a condition which mainly affects people in old age, you may want to look into different types of hearing tests just to see how your hearing fares on a scale. It’s important that we look after our ears and strive even further to protect them if we experience some degree of hearing loss, as turning up the volume on the TV or your radio to combat it will only further worsen the damage to your hearing ability.

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Difficulty breathing?

This is a big one. A large percentage of people have symptoms of either minor or severe asthma without even knowing it, according to many studies. There’s a large chunk of people out there who simply assume that they have breathing problems; perhaps because of age or their level of fitness. You may feel as if exercise is just difficult for you, but the truth may be that you have undiagnosed asthma. This can put you in danger if you end up pushing your body too hard.

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Your eyes.

An eye test is obviously important if you think your vision is failing you, as glasses could reduce headaches and fatigue which come about as a result of straining your eyes throughout the day, but an eye test doesn’t just look into your vision; it looks into the health of your eyes. It could pick up early signs of diabetes or glaucoma, which could save you from a very nasty condition.

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