Homemade Croissants

Homemade Croissants

Homemade, from-scratch, buttery, flaky croissants! This recipe for Homemade Croissants produces buttery and flaky pastries, perfect for weekend brunch. They’re time-intensive, but the reward for fresh, hot-from-the-oven Homemade Croissants is so worth it!


Homemade Croissants from a person who hates working with yeast!!! Can you believe it?

I actually first made these last August, and I’ve been hooked ever since. It was a Sunday morning at 7:30am when I started this process of making from-scratch croissants, and I had actual nerves. I was totally, totally nervous. As in, I’m measuring out the brown sugar and yeast and getting the milk to the right temperature, and I was fumbling  around, spilling things, and felt super tense.

It’s silly because making croissants is a marathon. It’s not like I was on the verge of knowing whether this was going to fail or not. No, I was only getting the dough mixed up, and there are still hours of croissant-making before I’d know if they were a success. Homemade Croissants take about 14 hours, start to finish.

That’s part of the nerves though – the stakes are high. There’s a lot of time invested if they don’t turn out.

I threw the milk, brown sugar, and yeast in the mixing bowl, and then waited. The mixture foamed! I could hardly believe it. It did exactly as it was supposed to do! This never happens for me with yeast. I would’ve moved the bowl to my photography set-up to get a picture of the foaminess, but I was afraid to do anything to rock the boat.


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