The Home Design Summer Spectacular

The Home Design Summer Spectacular

With summer coming many people are turning to their home and garden in an attempt to spruce up their home before the long days, barbeques, and garden parties take effect. Having a brighter, fresher home in this period ensures summer is better enjoyed and that you get more out of it, especially if you have not decorated your home in a long time. Doing this can change up your summer outlook. There are many things you can do, some more drastic and expensive than others yet all attainable. You may have thought about some of these additions, if not, mull them over and see if they can make your home better for summer.

First think about some of the easy stuff that can give your home a fresh look as summer approaches. There are many ways you can do this, and people will go about it in different ways. The easiest thing to do is give it a fresh lick of paint, this can be on the inside or outside, it doesn’t really matter. Just think whether there are any local painters near me. There are likely some out there to help, or you can do it yourself. Go for light colours that work well with long drawn out days. If you are doing the exterior remember pain often dries darker than it looks, so be careful when choosing the right colour for your home or it could end up looking pretty morbid.


You could also think about additions that make summer itself more enjoyable but are also features for the whole year. Depending on your space you could use a conservatory. It means you can enjoy summer even on some of the colder days. Of course this can be quite expensive depending on what you want out of your conservatory.

If you use a fireplace, you will likely keep it low and off over the summer. Put the wood outside and put it to better use in a fire pit so you can stay outside long into the night with a warm blaze to keep you from shivering. In the fireplace itself consider putting something brighter inside. There are all sorts of quirky design ideas you can use, or just use a fireplace cover. Something to cover up the dark recess will make the living room far more summery.

You should also consider lighter curtains. Ensure they keep the sun out, so you are not woken up too early in the morning. The look far more summery especially if you go for something lighter like white or pastel colours.

Consider making the garden more comfortable. You are likely used to seeing wooden benches and the like, but make it a better place to sit and relax. You could consider comfortable chairs with cushions and throws to make sitting in the sun a joy. These are more permanent arrangements than deck chairs and can help you get the most out of summer because you will be comfortable while outside. If it rains, just bring the fabric inside. Simple.

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