Kerala Special Ginger Curry

Kerala Special Ginger Curry Recipe

Inji Curry is a traditional Kerala dish served especially during Kerala Sadhya. Inji curry is basically a sweet and sour Ginger Pickle, also known as Inji Puli or Puli Inji. It is an indispensable dish for festive occasions and is often served with heavy meals like Sadhya. Ginger also has medicinal properties and aids in digestion. The star ingredient Ginger and the tamarind adds to the tartness and the Jaggery proffers the sweetness. The sweet and tangy flavor makes it so special and delicious and also takes good care of your bloated tummy!! 🙂

I was always intrigued about the different names for Inji curry; Puli Inji, Inji puli, Inji theeyal. There are different versions prevalent in different regions. While Inji Puli is little runny, Inji curry is much thicker.  I loved my mom’s Inji curry very much as it tasted different from the Inji puli that was served during Sadhyas. My mom always added roasted coconut, like in theeyal, and that made all the difference! Adding coconut makes it thicker and balances the acidic factor, making it more appealing and tasty. It is easy to prepare and can be stored in refrigerator for two to three weeks. This Onam, I am happy to share my Mom’s special Inji Curry recipe with you all. Also, check my other special recipes for Onam like Koottu Erissery, Parippu Pradhaman,Palada Payasam, Kalan, Papaya Pulissery, Aviyal etc. Enjoy!!

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