Dijon Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

Dijon Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

Pan-seared Brussels sprouts, cooked and glazed in a balsamic & dijon mustard sauce. These Dijon Balsamic Brussels Sprouts are a simple and healthy veggie side dish!

Brussels sprouts are my favorite vegetable, by far. I can eat them a few times/week, and I never tire of them, and they can be prepared in such a variety of ways. My love affair with Brussels sprouts is undying. I have loved other vegetables, but it’s usually a short-lived phase. I ate spinach 2 or 3x/day for 4 or 5 months back in 2009, and now I rarely eat it. I loved it, obsessed over it, then flamed out fast.

That doesn’t happen with this veggie. I’m always perfectly content to eat them roasted with just salt, pepper, and a little butter. We buy 2lb. bags at Sam’s Club, and I’ve eaten half a bag by myself, without thinking twice. A pound of Brussels sprouts. It’s crazy.

You can never go wrong to douse Brussels sprouts in balsamic vinegar, and I love the slightly sweet, tangy vinegar combined with mustard…. also tangy, but I use dijon mustard so that it adds a kick. Oh, and garlic. Garlic never hurts anything. It’s a really nice mix of flavors and it balances out really well. It enhances the Brussels sprouts, but doesn’t completely mask their own vibe.

I could write a book on Brussels sprouts variations alone, though I don’t know who would buy it, but this Dijon Balsamic Brussels Sprouts recipe is another favorite in my repertoire.

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