Paleo Mango Salsa Bowl with Tuna

Paleo Mango Salsa Bowl with Tuna
This Paleo mango salsa bowl with tuna is a colorful bowl of healthy goodness! Makes for the perfect quick and easy lunch or even dinner. Tracking Pixel

 Now that spring is here I start to think more about salad and less about soup, especially for lunch.  I recently made a fruit salsa that I really love (my  coconut shrimp with mango salsa ). Since then I’ve been adding more and more fruit to my salads along with my favorite veggies. So today I have for you my Paleo Mango Salsa Bowl with Tuna.  It has color, crunch, chew, sweetness, creaminess, meatiness …. it has it all. And it highlights albacore tuna which is something I always have on hand to add healthy protein to my salads.

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