Basil Pesto Vegetable Pasta with Shrimp

Basil Pesto Vegetable Pasta with Shrimp

Cutting back on carbs? I love a big bowl of pasta filled with fresh vegetables, flavored with basil pesto and sautéed shrimp. But I could do with more veggies and less pasta.

This dinner pulls together in under 30 minutes. I usually spiralize the veggie noodles ahead of time and purchase my shrimp already peeled and deveined. The hardest part is making the pasta.

So next time you’re craving pasta, trim the carbs and replace them with veggie noodles.

Once the veggies are in zoodle form, they are easy to sauté and cook up in no time. And they add incredible flavor to just about any recipe. I added sautéed shrimp and a dollop of basil pesto to amp up the flavor of this dish.

The trick is to not overcook the vegetables. Nobody likes mushy veggies! I prefer them crisp with a little bit of bite. Less than five minutes in the pan.

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