Finally Breaking Bad Habits That Need Shaking

Finally Breaking Bad Habits That Need Shaking

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Living a healthy life isn’t about cutting all the ‘fun’ out of it. There is no way to form a good lifestyle on the foundation of cutting as many things out of your routine as possible; the key is balance and moderation. You need to be making healthy habits part of your daily routine so as to keep up with them on a consistent and fixed basis. The problem is when elements of your routine involve habits which aren’t so good for you and upset the balance of your lifestyle. If you’re wondering how to shake bad habits in your routine or whether you even practice bad habits, then here are just a few tips concerning the lifestyle areas which seem to trip most people up.


This seems to be the most important starting point for most people, as many of us pick up bad habits over the years when it comes to the food we eat and the things we drink. The odd glass of wine or cup of coffee is a welcome treat and not too damaging to your health, but consuming all that alcohol or caffeine on a constant basis is going to put your body under immense stress. Rather than drinking a little every day, you should treat yourself to such things as occasional treats once a week or once a month; that way, such things never become a habit, as they’re never a part of your daily or regular routine.

When it comes to food, you should also be watching your intake of things such as red meat. We’ve all read the worrying articles about this kind of meat, but you don’t need to necessarily give it up in order to be healthy. Much like any of the things on this list, there are always ways to reduce your intake and fit such foods into your routine in a healthier way. If you opt for leaner cuts and choose fresh instead of processed meat, you’re avoiding all the nasty additives and preservatives which turn what could be part of a balanced diet into an unhealthy, unnatural slab of manmade design.

Most importantly, you need to stop the snacking. Often, we snack when we’re not hungry, so you need to be looking out for those warning signals that you’re getting peckish and curb them in one of many different ways. An effective one, I find, is to snack on healthier foods. You’re not ignoring the signals, but you’re doing something good for your body when those hunger urges come on; your weight will certainly balance out.


This is the big one. When it comes to bad habits that are unhealthy, this is always at the top of anyone’s list, and there’s good reason for that. A huge cause of heart disease and several different types of cancer, smoking is a habit that can and does kill millions of people. Quitting needs to be your end goal, but much the same as common drugs such as alcohol, it’s a hard habit to shake, as smoking has become part of a mainstream culture. It’s incredibly addictive physically and mentally, which means that weaning your body off cigarettes is only the first step. You need to take things step by step and day by day. It’s important that you have a support network of friends, family and your doctor before you begin the tough road towards beating your smoking addiction.

Working gradually toward the end goal, much like slowly building up an exercise regime, will ensure that a life without smoking becomes part of your daily routine and lifestyle, rather than a short trend. Companies such as nicocig can offer a far less dangerous E-Cig solution whilst you’re trying to wean yourself off. You need to go step by step towards a life without any form of smoking, and whilst you should be trying hard to really push yourself beyond your limits, you also need to ensure you’re not going to bounce back if you demand too much of yourself too quickly. Make a plan as to how you’re going to shake this from your life, and ensure you stick with it. Talk to people to help with the mental strain, as overcoming the physical strain is only one half of giving up smoking.


This is a habit which affects many people, but is often overlooked when compared with bad habits that have a visible physical or mental effect on somebody. Unlike a poor diet or smoking habit, overspending doesn’t show any visible signs straight away. Of course, on a personal level, you’ll see the damage once you’ve depleted your funds further than you can handle. The key to living within your means is to always plan ahead and simply ensure that your monthly expenditures won’t ever exceed your monthly income.

If you know you’re earning a certain amount of money per month and a certain amount of that needs to go towards necessities such as rent, utility bills and food, then you need to factor this into your budget and calculate how much money will be left over for luxuries. Be strict with yourself, stick to the sum of money you have available, and you’ll avoid having to borrow money or falling into nasty debt issues in the future.

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