Prueba de Cerdo

Prueba de Cerdo

This Spanish style grilled marinated pork or prueba de cerdo recipe has a bit of kick, but not too much to intimidate those who prefer a milder taste. It is a hearty tapas dish to say the least. The smoky flavor of the paprika and the crushed red pepper combine to awaken your taste buds!

The melt in your mouth texture of this pork tenderloin will amaze you. This is definitely a tapas dish that can also feature as a main meal any time. I think it would be especially wonderful on the grill in the summertime accompanied by a side of roasted potatoes and mixed greens. Add toasted French bread and a glass of sherry to this culinary equation and you have a fantastic meal before you. I must stress that the key to achieving perfection with this dish is not to rush things. By this I mean, marinate for the full 24 hours. The flavors of the spices will infuse the meat thoroughly. You’ll be glad you waited!

For the marinade I prefer to use the Spanish paprika. The Spaniards are very picky about their paprika, almost as the French are about their wine.  As a matter of fact, in Spain there is a classification-D.O. or denomination of origin which indicates where the product is from.  Paprika is also the main spice in Spanish chorizo (a pork sausage ) which is also a regional element of pride throughout Spain, where each small town claims to make the best chorizo!

Paprika is one of the many spices that came to Europe from the New World. It was brought back allegedly by Christopher Columbus during his second voyage and supposedly served to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella who found it a bit too spicy for their taste.

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