Award Winning Maple Sausage Brunch Bites

Award Winning Maple Sausage Brunch Bites

If you have been to a potluck in the last 20 years, you have probably had the pleasure of trying “Potatoes Romanoff”. It’s a tasty casserole-type dish with hashbrowns, sour cream, cheese and onions and it was the inspiration behind these Maple Sausage Brunch Bites.

And if you are a little bored with the typical breakfast food and looking for something different, give these a try on your next breakfast or brunch menu. They won the Grand Prize in the 2014 Johnsonville Sausage Recipe Contest. They are easy, quick and freeze well. They are also great for ‘on the go’.

Reheat for a quick weekday breakfast or cook in aluminum lined muffin cups for easy clean up.

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