Healthy Raspberry Muffins

Healthy Raspberry Muffins

These raspberry muffins are bursting with warm, sweet raspberries which pair with a hint of tartness to make your taste buds come alive!

I made these muffins at least five times.  The first time I tried to make them I put 3 teaspoons of baking soda in them and ended up crying over the sink because I was so overwhelmed with all that I had to do.  So that time didn’t really count.  Then I made them a few more times because it was hard to get them just right.  I really wanted them to be a combination of almond flour and whole wheat pastry flour, but that combo is a little tricky.  For the most part, I usually bake paleo-friendly baked goods, but I wanted to challenge myself to make something totally different.   Almond flour adds protein and healthy fat and cuts down the amount of regular flour needed.  Well, I don’t have regular flour in my house, I use whole wheat pastry flour which is about as close to all-purpose flour as you can get without being refined.  When I finally got a muffin that I LOVED, I calculated out the nutrition facts and found about 20 carbs per muffin.  Higher than what I would normally make, but perfect for a pre or post workout snack, especially hiking!  Remember, the more active you are and the closer you are to your goal weight you need more carbs, not less!

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