Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

I’ve been trying to expand my cooking skills a little, which means looking beyond the mountains of desserts I already have on this site and rounding out my recipe repertoire.

Breakfast is my probably weakest area, and I’ve already been dipping my toe in the water with recipes like Easy Vegetarian Eggs Benedict and Creme Brulee French Toast, but I still wanted more.

And what says a springy, comfort-food-loving breakfast more than Pancakes?

The best part is that pancakes are totally “in” right now. Everyone and their dog walker’s sister seems to be clamoring for pancakes, and that’s totally fine by me – it gives me the perfect excuse to mark another item off my cooking bucket list, since I’ve never had the opportunity to make “homestyle” pancakes from scratch before.

You know, the super fluffy, thick, and doughy kind of pancakes that are ultra rich.

No watery, restaurant style pancakes here!

And even though I’m trying to branch out a bit from dessert recipes, these pancakes make it feel like I’m cheating, what with all those soft apple bites covered in a cinnamon syrup glaze. Are these apple cinnamon pancakes for breakfast, or are they actually a dessert in disguise? We may never know for sure, but I for one could have them any time of day and be perfectly content.

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