Brightening Up A Gloomy Garden

Brightening Up A Gloomy Garden

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No-one wants a dark and gloomy garden. As summer fast approaches, the opportunities to host garden parties and dine al fresco make having a bright garden more of a necessity. Here are just a few ways that you can put some light on the subject and keep you garden illuminated all the way into the evening.

Use solar lights

Garden lighting is the most obvious option for brightening up your backyard at dusk. Solar lights are the way to go, having cut out the need for messy and dangerous cables. Place these strategically around your garden making sure that they receive enough direct sunlight during the day to charge up. offers a great selection of practical and ambient solar lighting to meet your needs.

Remove sunlight obstructions

Neighbours’ trees and other houses may be to blame for the lack of evening sunlight to your property. These sadly can’t be helped, however there could some other obstructions that can be dealt with such as unruly bushes or trees within your own garden. Companies such as can help professionally cut back these trees for you to ensure you get the most amount of light. If you’re removing the tree entirely make sure that you have planning permission and that your neighbours’ privacy isn’t affected.

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Choose brightly coloured plants

Dark green foliage will give your garden a dull feel. Incorporate some brightly coloured flowers into your garden to bring some vibrancy to the garden. White, yellow, light blue and pink flowers are great for brightening the place up. Be careful with red flowers as these can clash with green – if you plant red flowers, offset them by planting other coloured flowers nearby.

Choose light garden furniture

If your shed, fencing and garden chairs are all dark green, black or brown, they could be adding to the gloomy vibe. Try garden furniture made from light coloured materials or repaint with colours such as white and light brown that will better reflect light.

Make use of mirrors

Mirrors can be very effective at bringing more light to your garden. These can be hung on a wall or from a tree where they will catch the light. has a great selection of mirrors specifically for garden use. For those with poky gardens, mirrors can also be used to give the illusion that your backyard is bigger than it actually is.

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Build a pond

Water is also great at reflecting light. Find a sunny part of the garden and build a pond here – this will immediately brighten up the place. Water features such as fountains and waterfalls can further catch the light and give your garden a shimmer, as well as providing a filtration system for your pond (useful if you have fish). Sites such as offer a vast array of pond features. Make sure that the pond is well maintained by clearing it off debris and weeds – it won’t help brighten the place up at all if it’s full of algae and twigs.

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