Protecting Your Dear Old Garden From The Big 3 Threats

Protecting Your Dear Old Garden From The Big 3 Threats

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We love our dear old gardens. They give so much to us that it is well worth giving our love and attention back to them. Our garden is our little slice of the great outdoors, the place we go for peace and tranquillity, to soak up the sun and get a little more purpose out of life. The flowers and trees and nature in general; year, our dear old gardens mean a lot to us. That is why it is so important we protect them as best we can.

However, in order to best protect them, we need to know what we are protecting them from, of which there are three main areas: freeze, disease and critters. Here’s what to do.

The Big Freeze

It is a gardener’s worst nightmare because the threat of freezing weather and frost is one of the most effective killers of plants. There is just nothing worse than waking up to see a cold, hard frost came in the night to attack our garden plants. That’s why the most effective thing you can do is know when a frost is due. That way you can take the protective measures necessary. This includes watering plants thoroughly to add an extra layer of insulation in the soil, as well as covering up tender plants. This could be with an upturned bucket, or a plant pot, or, for bigger plants like shrubs and trees, use commercial frost cloths. Just make sure you hang them from frames.

Staving Off Disease

The chance of disease is another big worry for any loving gardener, which is why you should always be proactive about checking them for any disease. If you do discover some kind of illness, then your best bet is to clear the disease away from your other plants and then speak to a professional, like who have been saving trees for over thirty-years; they’ll be able to deal with the exact disease you are dealing with. It is also a good idea to be as proactive as you can in treating plants that are susceptible. Roses, for example, are known to be at risk of fungal diseases like black spot and aphids. Even the most healthy are known to be at risk. So make sure you are on it with protective treatments and pesticides.

Keeping Critters At Bay

Look, it’s never going to be possible to make your garden completely critter-proof. However, there are certain steps you can take to drastically reduce the number of nibble bites you find while also living in harmony with all the animals that are doing the nibbling. In order to know what sort of methods you are going to need to take, your first step is identifying who the critters are. Then you’ll know if is air attacks or ground skirmishes you need to defend from. There is a pretty extensive list we found at but to get you started, a fence is always a good idea. Always. It is just the most effective way of keeping out any unwanted critters and protecting your dear old garden. Plastic bird netting is another good shout if you have vegetables growing. If you want to go a little further in your preventative methods, raised beds and pots tend to work pretty well in safeguarding your beloved plants, and they look nice too. Voila. An unspoilt garden without spoiling your garden. Riddle me that.

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