Five Minute Homemade Corndogs

five minute homemade corndogs

Five Minute Homemade Corndogs

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My kids love corndogs, and honestly, who doesn’t? Anyway, any good parent has a box of frozen corndogs in the freezer and today, we busted those out for our kids and their friends. All the adults were hanging out and totally drooling over them but we were all out. We decided to make some cornbread from scratch and we whipped up the recipe below. It seriously took us less time to make these than it did to just bake the frozen ones too.

Here’s our cornbread recipe if you need one. You can make it with or without the jalapenos.
jalapeno cornbread

It takes about 2 minutes to mix the batter, 2 minutes to heat the oil and then about 1 minute to cook compared to baking frozen corndogs 10-15 minutes after heating an oven. Plus, homemade cornbread for the breading is far better.

homemade jalapeno corn dogs

Corn Dog Batter

A single batch of the cornbread batter made 1 to 2 dozen corn dogs depending on how thick you put the batter on.

When the batter is ready, heat a pot of vegetable oil. It doesn’t have to be much more than two inches deep for the corn dogs to fry well. I didn’t even use 4 cups and you can see how well it worked in the images below.

Use cocktail weiners, or cut the hot dogs in half. These make tasteful little corn dogs that are great for dipping. Now, skewer each hotdog with a wooden skewer as shown below:

skewered hot dogs

Dip the hotdog in the corn bread batter covering all parts of it. 

Fry in the pan for a few minutes until it is golden brown. 

Remove with tongs or slotted spoon and let drip dry on paper towels or a rack. We served ours with a dijon mustard and homemade catchup but you can mix in any condiment you like.

One Minute Video Recipes

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