Low Carb Maple Bacon No Bake Cheesecake


Low Carb Maple Bacon No Bake Cheesecake

This low carb maple bacon no bake cheesecake is outrageously good! So creamy and decadent you won’t believe it’s a low carb dessert with only 3.2g net carbs.

I’ve been on a maple kick lately. I recently had thought about making a maple no bake cheese cake with a pecan crust and then thought what if I add a bit of bacon? It would be tasty (because it’s bacon) and add some salt and fat to make it more of a crust. It was so good! The pecan and bacon crust went perfect with the maple cream cheese filling. But I warn you these are rich! I served them in 4oz jars and that was more than enough. So today I’m giving you my low carb, maple bacon no bake cheesecake. Super easy and decadent but only 3.2g net carbs.

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