Detox Collard Green Wraps

Detox Collard Green Wraps

Read for a reset? Super Easy Meal Prep Detox Collard Green Wraps for the win!

So the summer is indulgent, right?  I mentioned in this month’s HH newsletter that I think the summer is the hardest time to avoid indulgences.  During the holidays I am aware of every cookie, keeping track and getting those workouts in. Between vacations and backyard cookouts the margs (or green drinks as my Grandma would call them) and all the chips…. yaaaaaaa…..I lose track, and it can leave me feeling just a little-bloated come Monday.  I’ve been making these collard green wraps which literally make me feel like a healthy living rockstar.

Is that a rubber band around that thing?  Well, funny you should ask.  Yes, it is!  Here is the deal, every single time I’ve seen recipes for collard green wraps in the past they looked complicated.  I’m not about to chop a million vegetables to go inside leaves that I have to wash, cut, boil and prep.  No, thank you.  Hard pass.  I’ll just take some celery and hummus to get on with my day thank you very much.  Then it dawned on me, what if I could make them ahead of time and just have them to pull out of the fridge for an easy snack or part of lunch.

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