DIY Garden Gate

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DIY Garden Gate

This DIY Garden Gate is an inexpensive way to add a rabbit proof entry to your garden. With minimal cost and only a small amount of time, this DIY gate is perfect for any fence around your garden.

This gate provides an easy access to a fenced-off garden while adding an aesthetic look to the yard. The garden gate finishes off a new four-foot tall chicken wire fence to keep out the garden pests and became the centerpiece of the fence and garden.

DIY Cedar Garden Gate

Best of all, our gate leads right into our Tomato Tunnel making a dramatic entry into the garden by walking through a three-dimensional living tunnel.

Tools Needed:


Making the Door

Measure the width of six of cedar boards. These boards are going to be the width of the door on the garden gate. Cut two pieces of 2X4 that length and lay them parallel to the ground about 3 to four feet apart. These will be the primary pieces of wood the planks will attach to. Lay the cedar planks on top of the 2X4’s and screw them in with your decking screws. Notice how I kept the top level by using another board to adjust the height of each plank.

Cut one final board that will connect to each of the first two 2X4’s. It should make a “Z” shape on the back. I recommend using more decking screws to help firm this board up as well as some longer framing screws to screw the different 2X4’s together.

Use the skill saw to cut off the bottom edge. You can cut is anywhere below the bottom 2X4 to make the door the height. Dig two holes three feet deep and about a foot wide. These will be for the two 4X4’s. Mix the cement and pour evenly into each hole. Make sure the two posts are plumb and just a fraction of an inch wider than the door you just made. It will eventually look like this after you hang the door.

After the cement is set, take one of the two remaining cedar boards and attach it to the 4X4 that will have the hinges screwed into it. Make sure the inside edge of the 4X4 and the cedar plank is flush. It will hang over on the outside.

Hang the door via the instructions on the gate kit. You will attach the hinge to the two horizontal 2#4’s and then in the corresponding part of the 4X4 so that the hinges are on the face of the cedar planks.

When the door is hung, swing the door shut and set the final cedar plank on the other 4X4 so that the door is seamless. Once attached, screw in the lock.

Make a threshold to close off the area below the door. I took a scrap piece of 4X4 and leveled it to keep the rabbits out.

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