Massive Chocolate Swirl Meringues

Massive Chocolate Swirl Meringues

These Chocolate Swirl Meringues taste fantastic and you won’t believe how easy they are to make. Only 4 ingredients! By Sugar Salt Magic

Ok, so it’s no secret that I have a huge sweet tooth. Growing up, meringues were a favourite treat. Ok, so I had lots of favourite treats, but meringues were right up there with the best. I’d see them in the bakery windows, all pink and puffy and covered in sprinkles and I’d have a hard time going past without buying one.

Flash forward to now and I still adore them although I tend to show a little more restraint than I did when I was younger, so I don’t buy them EVERY time I see them 🙂 But today I’m here to tell about what I have now decided is the real deal.

Wandering the twisty, paved alley ways and streets of Venice, you don’t have to go far before you find a “Pasticceria”. A Venetian bakery. AKA  a Neverland of amazing Italian baked treats. Selling gorgeous pastries and sweet biscuits, chunks of nougat (and I’m talking huge-slice-of-cake style chunks of nougat) and some totally ethereal looking, totally massive meringues.

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