Bloody Mary Steak Kabobs

Bloody Mary Steak Kabobs

Bloody Mary Steak Kabobs – zesty, juicy, steak and shrimp kabobs!

Today’s recipe was inspired by something my MIL made while I was overstaying my welcome (just kidding) in San Jose last month.    Her sister (my aunt in law? is that a thing?) had sent her some bloody mary mix which she used to marinate steak and chicken with.  Isn’t that genius????  Unfortunately, the mix had some ingredients that aren’t great for Mr. Hungry like corn and soy.   Luckily though, bloody mary mix is stupid easy to make and requires ingredients you likely already have in your cabinet!

If you couldn’t tell I had a ton of fun coming up with the “garnish” for these skewers.  I looked at what seemed like a thousand pictures of Pinterest of bloody mary cocktails to see what goes with a bloody mary.  I was a little nervous about grilling pickles because I wasn’t sure how warm pickles would taste…. but I went for it anyway and I’m so glad I did!  The pickles stayed nice and crunchy because the meat cooks up pretty quick, the charring adds a fun depth of flavor you don’t usually get! For this recipe, I also used the steak tips that came in my last Butcher Box.

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