Baci di Dama (Italian Shortbread Cookies)

Baci di Dama (Italian Shortbread Cookies)

Baci di Dama is like a nutty, buttery Italian shortbread filled with chocolate. Made with hazelnuts or almonds.

Baci Di Dama – which translates to ladies kisses are so cute. They’re pretty little rounded cookies, a little cracked on top, and made normally with hazelnuts, then filled with pure chocolate. They are firm and crumbly, not soft at all. I would describe them almost like a nutty shortbread because they’re super buttery but still light and just devine. It was the very first treat I added to my list.

I had no idea where to start with these. I wanted them to be authentic but had no idea what was in them. The tour guide wasn’t very helpful. Not a cook, clearly. And the assistant by the counter had a hard enough time understanding when I asked what they were called. I wasn’t leaving until I got the name though. I ended up tracking down this recipe by Tessa Kiros. I have one of her books, ‘Venezia: Food and Dreams’ which I love and she describes Venice in such a beautiful way. This recipe isn’t in that book but rather another called ‘Limoncello and Linen Water’. I don’t know if using almonds is very authentic, but having read the book, I know she certainly understands Italian cooking so I trust that this is close to the mark.

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