Slow Cooker Chicken Paprikash

Slow Cooker Chicken Paprikash

Tender, flavorful, slow-cooker chicken, with a creamy paprika sauce. My Slow-Cooker Chicken Paprikash recipe can be prepped in 10 minutes! Serve it over rice or noodles for a hearty, filling meal.

I just threw several pounds of pork tenderloin and some BBQ sauce in my slow-cooker this morning around 7:30am. Busting out the slow-cooker is definitely a Sunday morning ritual around here.

I sent my friend Leslie a snap of the ingredients in the pot so that she could see how simple it is to prep. ALL my slow-cooker recipes are ridiculously quick and simple to prep. I need to have lunches for the week, but I don’t have the patience to spend my Sunday in the kitchen cooking. I’d much rather be baking, after all!

One of my favorite chicken dishes is Chicken Paprikash. I have a bunch of Chicken Paprikash recipes that have slight variations, and I cobble them together to make my favorite one. But what I didn’t have was a slow-cooker version, and that’s practically a basic need in my life. Whatever I love to eat, it needs to be adapted into a slow-cooker recipe. Otherwise, I don’t have the time or energy to make it, sadly!

So I’m sharing my version of Slow-Cooker Chicken Paprikash. Not a long list of ingredients, and they’re pretty basic pantry items. You can drop everything into a slow-cooker in about 10 minutes, so prep time is short!

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