How To Make Your Garden Look Amazing From A Mile Away

How To Make Your Garden Look Amazing From A Mile Away


It’s one thing to have a decent looking garden, but how can you make it look incredible from all angles, whether it be near or far away? There’s nothing better than walking up to a garden, and seeing how beautiful it is within seconds, making you just want to run so you can get to it quicker. – Something is able to grab you and draw you in – that’s how you want to feel about your own garden, and you can make that possible by following these simple ideas.



This doesn’t mean installing some booming speakers in your backyard (unless that’s what you want to do – very good idea for barbecues!), but we’re talking more of a nature feel. Like the sound of flowing water, which can be easily achieved with a water feature. Or some wooden wind chimes to hang up, and when the wind blows, you’ll hear a poetic hollowness that hums throughout your garden. As subtle as it may be, your subconscious will pick up on it straight away.

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Trees are a wonderful way to add purpose to a garden. It can make it look strong and powerful while playing with different levels, which if done properly, can make you feel very small in a big mysterious garden. Not only that but trees are great for the environment and all the wildlife within it. You may be giving homes to the birds, squirrels and many other creatures and insects like bees, and we all know how important it is to look after our fellow bees! Plus you may even get the chance of having some fresh honey in the mornings. But you best leave that to the professionals…



Get rid of your rotten fence and replace it with a grand aluminum fence: stylish and durable, all in one. They stand tall, giving you that regal look to your garden, but also work to protect it from anything you don’t want getting in. You still get the benefits of the natural light though, as it’s able to shine through giving you all the sun you desire. You can look out from your garden and see whatever view you have in front of you while knowing you’re property is safe behind the fence, and you don’t even have to worry about it getting wet if it tends to rain a lot, because it won’t rust either.



If you want to stand out, then adding pops of color is the way to go. Consider putting clusters of flowers around your garden, whether it be around your border to follow a pattern, or just planted randomly to add some flare. The colors you go for are very important, just as they would be if you were making a color scheme for the interior of your house. Purples and blues can add a lot of depth and mystery to a garden, while warmer tones like reds, oranges, and pinks can add a more vibrant feel, and white flowers can make anything pretty and whimsical, with a touch of innocent romance. (Bonus points if they smell incredible.)

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