Lassi is a delicious summertime beverage from Pakistan;  and also popular in Bangladesh and India. The best description I can come up with is: “a cross between a milkshake and a smoothie”; a very  healthy smoothie I may add.

According to my Pakistani friend Huma, it is a must at dinner time, to help the body beat the intense summer heat. Lassi is often prepared with mango not only for its health benefits, but also because mangoes are plentiful in this part of the world.

Lassi can be prepared with buttermilk or yogurt. Both possess great health benefits including  natural probiotics which aid in digestion and keep the colon healthy! Who doesn’t want a  healthy colon, right?  Buttermilk and yogurt also contain lactic acid which contributes to a healthy immune system.  According to my friend Huma, buttermilk is also said to calm the stomach after a spicy meal, common to that part of the world.  In addition she told me that buttermilk is associated with longevity.

Lassi is sweetened with honey, a healthier alternative to refined white sugar. By the way, honey also possesses many health benefits.  For starters, honey is an anti-bacterial; it  has a low acidic pH which helps to destroy the bad bacteria. Local honey contains the allergens and pollens in your geographical area. By ingesting a little bit every day, it slowly exposes your body to the offending allergens. I use honey on my toast every morning during allergy season, it helps.

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